Expedia Multifamily is ceasing operations

May 26, 2020

Due to Covid-19 and the severe impact to the travel industry, Expedia Group has made the difficult decision to permanently close Expedia Group Multifamily Solutions including the Flexible Living Platform (also known as Flex, and formerly known as ApartmentJet and Pillow). The Flex business is no longer sustainable due to massive travel cancellations and a significantly slower pace of new bookings. We are still operating and supporting guests until mid June.

To our partners, it has been a joy to help unlock flexible living for multifamily companies like yours, and we're sad that our part in the journey is coming to a close.

To our vendors, we recognize the impact this decision may have on your business. We thank you for your partnership in our mission to bring flexible accommodations to the multifamily industry.

To everyone, we thank you for the support and trust you placed in our team. We still believe in the eventual success of flexible living for the multifamily industry when the world recovers from this crisis.

Expedia Group Multifamily Solutions