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Flexible living platform - Benefit

We handle everything except the key exchange.

We understand you’re busy. That's why we help you optimize your listings, manage pricing, screen travelers and communicate availability.

traveler Inquiries

We handle guest inquiries so you don’t have to.

Our traveler experience team has an entire suite of tools at their disposal to help answer traveler questions. We work with partner communities to maintain FAQs detailing specifics about each community. If we’re not sure of the best possible answer, our partner success team will work with you to get it. Most importantly, your leasing team doesn't get bogged down answering traveler questions.

Listing optimization

Let us help you tailor the perfect listing for all of your units.

Our teams help you create and optimize the presentation of your listings. We offer guidance on best practices and critical details every listing needs. Setting expectations early results in better post-stay reviews.

Guest Communication

We handle all communication with guests before, during, and after a stay.

Guests ask a lot of questions. They have questions about checking-in, maintenance, where to go for dinner, and what time the pool closes. Our dedicated Traveler Experience team will communicate with guests throughout their experience, screen them prior to arrival, and help you write solid reviews once they’ve departed.

Resident transparency

You can see (and limit) how often residents share their units.

Owners and Property Management companies can see how often residents share their apartments or when travelers are staying in resident units. Residents do, however, manage these bookings themselves and communicate with guests using our Resident tools.

It’s all part of the Deal

All these benefits are included in our core offering.