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Flexible Living Platform - Benefit

We offer flexible cleaning options for owners and operators.

​​Between each traveler stay, it’s critical that a unit be cleaned or “turned” as they say in the hospitality industry. Scheduling and maintaining these relationships is a bit different in a multifamily world, but we offer flexible options to suit your community’s needs.

Turning a Suite

We offer an array of cleaning options.

For our Suites units (i.e. guest suites or vacant units hosted by a property manager), we can work with national cleaning vendors, local vendors, or even your community’s existing cleaning crew. We provide scheduling details so they always know when guests are arriving or departing.

Cleaning for Residents

Residents earn better reviews with a clean unit

Residents are responsible for cleaning their apartments between guest stays, but it doesn’t need to be a hassle. Change the linens, empty the trash, wipe down the kitchen and bathrooms. The cleaner the apartment, the better your chances for a great review.