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We'll work with you through an ever-changing regulatory world.

With a constantly shifting regulatory environment, state and municipal tax rates change all the time. We have tax teams in place to regularly monitor shifting tax laws and help ensure you remain in total compliance.


We'll withhold your short-term rental taxes so you don't have to.

We partner with Avalara and maintain our own regulatory data to keep your tax rates up to date. We’ll push these tax rates to the marketplaces. If a marketplace does not properly collect or withhold a tax at the time of booking, we’ll withhold it from your payout and file it on your behalf.


We'll also file your short-term rental taxes for you at the end of the year.

We file taxes monthly on a property’s behalf via our partner, Avalara. We report revenues from bookings, calculate taxes owed, file, and report to partners with a W9 at the end of the year.

Taxes for Residents

We’ll inform residents of their tax responsibilities to simplify filing.

For each stay, we’ll report taxes to the resident host. We also provide detailed reports for end of year calculations. We do not file taxes on a resident’s behalf.